Advent – Should Women be Looking for the Christ Child, or for a Husband?

Last Sunday was the beginning of Advent.  Churches light the Advent candle and the church begins its countdown until the Christ child is born on Christmas Day. But should women be looking for a husband instead of the Christ Child?

Most Baptists do not light Advent candles, but they do spend the month of December with Cantatas, children’s Christmas plays, and so forth.

“A Baby Changes Everything” was popular last year and Don and I heard it sung at two different churches.

The countdown begins for the birth of Jesus who will save us. 

But do women really need Jesus?

Listen to what Daniel commented on my blog a few weeks ago: “The man answers to God for the actions of his wife and children.”

Whoa! Did you catch that? How can a man answer to God for the actions of his wife and children?  For that to happen we must find these scriptures in the Bible:

  • That a husband is divine as he stands as a mediator between his wife and kids and God. The husband would have to be divine because it is a divine Jesus who stands as the mediator for the husband. (Job 9:32) Surely women wouldn’t need a human standing before God for her, would she? (1 Timothy 2:5-6)
  • That the wife cannot speak for herself because she is an incomplete human being, incapable of coming before God for herself, and has no hope outside her husband. (Romans 3:22)
  • That the children are not complete human beings capable of having a relationship with God. (Acts 2:17) 

The scriptures given say completely the opposite of what the commenter Daniel said. Oh, but he is just one person.  Nobody really believes like that, do they?

Yes, they do. Dr. Dorothy Patterson, the wife of the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, does.  She said “When my husband tells me to do something, and even if I know that he is wrong, then I just have to do it, and he stands accountable before God.”  (Christianity Today 1998) (See my speech on

Cindy Kunsman can tell you that Baptist seminarians believe it.  At a conference in 2008 at a Southern Baptist Seminary, Cindy says “Several young men asked how it was that I believed that they would not stand before God…to give an account and to intercede for their wives….These (young men) were  Baptist Seminary Students.” ( April 2008).

Advent – should women be looking for the Christ child, or for a husband?

This was originally posted on November 29, 2010. There will be a new post December 2, 2011 as promised.

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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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