They’ve stolen Jesus! Will you help us find Him?

Mary stood outside the tomb crying. “They have taken my Lord away, and I don’t know where they have put him.  Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.”

We’ve lost Jesus, folks.  Somebody has stolen him and we must find him.

At the Christians for Biblical Equality conference in last month, a woman told one of this blog’s readers her story:

I have a PhD in ministry. I studied under Wayne Grudem, and did so well that Wayne Grudem urged me to get a PhD.  I asked him what I could do with a PhD?  He said “Teach children in Sunday school.”  Itold him that I don’t need a PhD to teach children.  Finally Wayne Grudem could only come up with this: I could write books under the authority of some man.

I attended John Piper’s church.  I told John Piper of my calling into full time preaching/teaching.  John Piper said, “You are just like the homosexual, right desire, wrong gender.”

Listen to this story also heard at the conference:

A church hired a graduate of The Master’s Seminary, founded by John MacArthur.  This seminary will not accept any women in leadership position and the seminary will not allow a woman to take Bible classes. This graduate told a church board: “Listening to a woman preach is like listening to a homosexual.”

They’ve stolen Jesus!

Where have they put him?  Let’s go and get him.  They’ve stolen our Lord!

They have put in His place, a fake jesus.  A jesus who tells women that their voices are not to be heard.  A jesus who calls women vile names and demeans them. A jesus so unlike the Jesus that Mary knew.

They have stolen Jesus!  Where have they put him?

Mary said “Tell me where he is.  I will go get him

Will you join Mary and other women who are looking for the real Jesus?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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24 Responses to They’ve stolen Jesus! Will you help us find Him?

  1. I feel kicked in the stomach reading these stories. I’m not called in the area those ladies were, but feel kicked none the less.

    It makes you want to cry (opps! can do that might be accused of that ’emotional’ deal as well).


  2. Are those quotes online as well just curious!?


  3. Terri Tippins says:

    Wow! If was a car I would have probably blown a gasket! How does a person keep thier composure when someone speaks so disrepectfuly to your face?

    John Piper said, “Your just like the homosexual, right desire, wrong gender.” Thier plan to link homesexuality with women teaching/pastoring has been very sucessful for them. It invokes the sin associated with homsexuality as equal to women in leadership. But, I hate to burst his bubble, where does it say that it is ‘sin’ for women to teach/preach? What is so sad, is that he probably made that horrible, condescending (and also dismissive) remark with a smile on his face. He thinks any kind of issues that women face is trivial. God Help Us!


  4. Don Johnson says:

    How arrogant are those 3. Even though they are deceived, they are contributing to many rejecting the Kingdom. How sad this is.


  5. EricW says:

    Just wondering: What “vile names” are women being called by Grudem, Piper, et al., in this article? I would consider calling women various vulgar terms for prostitutes or genitals “vile names,” but I don’t see any of that mentioned in this article. FWIW, I don’t consider the term “homosexual” to be vile. Did Piper and the grad student use a vulgar or vile term instead of saying “homosexual”?


    • It is a good question. I thought about the word usage before I used it. Baptists and others don’t cuss (at least not in public). But we have found some words that are cuss words that we can use that are totally acceptable among ourselves. Homosexual is one of those words. It is particularly one of those cuss words when used against women – kind of like double-jeopardy.


    • The term itself homosexual to me isn’t ‘vile’ per se. In the context of this article it isn’t meant as complementary in nature. The way it was used is meant to be derogatory in nature.

      Its like the children at school calling some boy a ‘fag’. I’m sure you have seen this happen, and it is NOT meant as ‘non vile’ when it was used.

      If you had group of heterosexual people in say the 1920’s, and you told them they were ‘gay’? They wouldn’t take that as as people would today. Context is key here.

      In the faith circles we all know most of the time when they speak of homosexuality their is an attitude that isn’t so nice. Most of the time I think they should be ashamed of themselves personally. BUT ANYWAY – comparing women to their current pet sin in the world? Sigh. Its like a quote from the Freedom Riders Program where a bigoted white law man claimed the WHITE man is the BLACK man’s best friend. How everyone is happy with things ‘as is’, and you can ask their black folk and they would agree.

      The context is vile and vulgar in nature if you will.


  6. TL says:

    ““Listening to a woman preach is like listening to a homosexual.””

    He may have thought he was suggesting that a woman preaching was pretending she was a gender she was not. To him she was pretending to be male. And yes, that would be a strongly demeaning statement. It is unfortunate that so many Christian speakers sometimes use “woman” as a swear word and “homosexual” as a swear word.


  7. Terri Tippins says:

    It would seem to me that Complimentarians are trying to make comments like the above a thought stopping cliche. First, I would think that a woman would be stunned by such a demeaning statement. I mean, how do you respond to a something like that anyway? Second, the hopes that through repetition, thier thoughts about a connection of women teaching/leading as somehow equating to the sin of homosexuality might become the mainstream thought on the issue. I mean they are definately putting the idea into peoples heads.


  8. Mabel Yin says:

    Unfortunately, he got this belief not from his own bible studies, but from books/sermons/seminary professors, etc. This stuff is everywhere. He just says it more crudely. Others basically believe in the same thing, but sugar coats it, spins it, and dress it up to look like it is not poison.


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    • Sallie, thank you so much for listing this blog post on your website. We are determined to make a difference in how people think about women and their service in the church. Every voice counts tremendously and I am so happy to find what you have written. Will you join us in a Prayer Walk on March 28, 2012? Just step outside your home and pray for hearts to be changed and minds to be opened for women’s equality. It would be very good if you would also promote this on your website.

      God bless you. I would love to hear from you.


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