Equality for women begins with the girls

Did you know that in India girls are still left to die?  Some are allowed to starve within the family circle because the family prefers to have sons, and a girl is just one more mouth to feed.  Did you know that some families choose to feed the boys first? 

“First the husband is seated and fed, then the brothers and then whatever is left is fed to the girls,” says Bandil. 

My heart broke over this story.  How can a family starve their baby simply because that baby is a girl?  We have not progressed very far when we see stories of this kind. 

In India, little girls are allowed to starve to death while the boys in the family are fed. Girl fetuses may be aborted.

In China, it is only the little girls who are adopted to be taken from their country and raised in a foreign land. Girl fetuses may be aborted. 

In some African countries, girls are genitally mutilated.

In some Muslim countries, girls are made to marry before they are ten years old, and girls know that they may share a husband with 3 other women. In some cases girls will begin covering their heads and their bodies while they are still children.

My heart cries! 

Pastor, don’t you understand that you are buying into this same mindset when you deny your female church members the right to be a deacon, or a pastor, or when you tell your female church members that they are to be under the authority or leadership of a male?

Pastor, don’t you see that you are treating women the same way that these countries are treating women?  You are making yourself better than women simply because you were born a male.

Pastor, don’t you know that you are denying the women in your church these things simply because they were born a female?

Church leaders, how dare you foster this second-class citizenship upon all women!

Church members, wake up!  Wake up!  Look around you.  See what is going on.  How can you sit still while your daughters are left unfed, unfulfilled, and are treated this way by your churches and church leaders.

Won’t you join me in speaking up for girls – in your church, and in your family, and to everybody that you can.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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7 Responses to Equality for women begins with the girls

  1. Michelle says:

    I am glad that so many of the girls live and are adopted, rather than killed at some point.
    Let me be clear about this.

    I don’t think the pastors will see that view, because from my limited exposure to the phenomenon of Christian couples adopting girls from China, it’s the hierarchical complementarian believers who are doing so. Which, while I celebrate that the girls are being saved from death, at the same time, I mourn that they are rescued from a country where they are “less than” and brought into a religion where they are “less than”. Why must this be so?


  2. Mabel Yin says:

    A curious phenomenon in Chinese churches, in official and non-official churches alike, is that there are a ton of women preachers, pastors, etc. I used to travel to China every year up until 2005, and had attended Sunday services in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian and Nanjing. Many of the preachers were women. My daughter-in-law is from China, and in her family, her Dad did most of the housework. There is no deep rooted psyche that housework belongs to the woman. He does the most cooking too. It is fairly egalitarian in the political arena in CHina, but the aborting of female fetuses, etc. happens in the country side and also as a result of the one child policy. Most Chinese still desire to carry on the family name by producing a boy. That’s why girls are allowed to be adopted, unless the adopting couples agree to take a child with a “condition”, then they get the boys too. Currently there is a vast imbalance in the boy girl ratio that will lead to social unrest. In the country side, men are not able to marry and some bride snatching, kidnapping, etc. had happened. I see no evidence that only hierarchalist couples adopt, egalitarian couples also adopt. You don’t see egal couples adopt is because there are very few egal couples anyway. My daughter is in the process of adopting a baby from China. She picks China because we are Chinese.
    As far as egalitarian practices, the US churches, esp. the Southern Baptists, are the worst offenders, bowing to tradition and quoting Pope Grudem without realizing that some of his so-called scholarship is highly suspect, and worst of all, he isolates himself from all discussion on the matter. With Grudem, John McArthur, John Piper, Bruce Ware, and a lot more like them, it is MY WAY IS GOD’S WAY, and if you don’t like it, don’t even talk to me. John McArthur at least is consistent in his practice in that women are not allowed to take seminary classes in his Masters Seminary (Calvinist). He has some domestic classes just for the ladies. These men will be severely judged by God when they appear in front of Him on Judgment Day.


    • Thank you for this insight. It never occurred to me that the adopting would be complementarian or egalitarian, particularly as man non-Christians adopt these precious children. I also want to thank you for this knowledge bout the women pastors. I had heard this but did not know for sure. The main point is that girls are disposable, not the boys. This attitude is also among Christians – not that girls are disposable – but that boys are born superior to girls, which is why girls are disposable. I took a risk with this, but felt it was important to bring out the fact that it is the girls who suffer in almost all societies. Ours included.


  3. TL says:

    Interestingly, it is often the work that is less valued that is given to women. Or if women do it, then the work is less valued. This of course just illustrates the fact that globally the enemy of all souls has infiltrated the world with his system of divisions.

    Did you know that historically, shepherds were women and children more often than men. It didn’t take the strength to be a shepherd that it did to be a farmer. Strength was valued more. This is why Rachel was a shepherdess when Joseph found her. She was the youngest. And even more interesting is that Jesus knew this when He referred to Himself as the good shepherd and believers as sheep.


  4. Lydia says:


    Meet Yang, a persecuted sister in Christ in China. She was doing things that she would be told are sinful for her to do here by most Christians: Leader of a church


  5. Kristen says:

    My former pastor told me that about 15 years ago– that he had been to China, and the majority of the leaders of the underground church were young women. For him, it was an “Acts 10 moment.” Just as the Spirit told Peter “what God has declared clean, no longer declare unclean,” my former pastor said he felt the Spirit saying to him, “the ones I have anointed to lead, do not declare unworthy.”

    It is, sadly enough, a pattern I found repeated when I read a book on women in church history. The Spirit will start a new work and will empower many women as well as men to spread the gospel. The men in the movement will acknowledge the anointing on their sisters and let them fully contribute. Then 10 or 20 or 30 years will go by, and the movement will become “respectable” and accepted in the greater society. And the first thing the men will then do is tell their sisters to shut up and sit down.

    Sometimes I despair. Then I remember that God told Eve that there would be special emnity between her and the serpent, and I know that this is the serpent’s fault and not God’s. His power is stronger when we are weak, persecuted and cast down.

    People wonder why there are more women than men in churches. It is always the oppressed, afflicted, poor and downtrodden who are drawn most to Christ. You’d think they’d get a clue.


    • Kristen says:

      Oops, I recognize that I was unclear. GOD’s power is stronger when we are weak, persecuted and cast down!


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