Which verse do you live in?

Imagine this:  Two large balls down here on Planet Earth.  Each ball is filled with people.  Not just any people, but filled with Christians.

Having sons and a husband interested in sci fi, I have become familiar with certain terms.  Multiverse is one of those terms. 

The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes. A variety of different theories lend themselves to a multiverse viewpoint.

Let’s name those balls.  Parallel Universe 1 we will call Green Ball.  Parallel Universe 2 is named Red Ball. 

The writer goes on to say that not all physicists really believe that they exist, and that even fewer believe that it would ever be possible to contact these parallel universes.

They are wrong.  Parallel Universe Balls 1 and 2 exist here today in our world.  In fact, this Sunday you will find them meeting in their own universes, connecting from various locations to one central location and then dispersing again on Monday morning.

You can even make contact with them.  One day as I was lying back in my dentist’s chair, the hygienist told me her church had called a woman pastor.  She then said, “your church allows women pastors, doesn’t it.”  You know how hard it is to reply with your mouth open in a dentist chair?  So I did the only thing I could do.  I pointed to the Green Ball and to myself and then to the Red Ball and to her.    


We make contact with Red Ball people every day.  Most times we don’t even know it because we look so much alike, and act alike, and eat the same things, and work in the same places.  But we don’t go to church together.

And oh yes.  We read the same Bible.

Green Ball LOVES the Bible.  In particular, LOVES to tell women what the Bible says they can’t do.

So Green Ball and Red Ball Christians go to different churches on Sunday mornings.  The Red Ball Christians allow a woman to be equal in service and before God. The Green Ball Christians hide behind certain scriptures that they have decided deny women full equality before God.  So while we can make contact, on Sunday morning we each slip into our verse.

Which verse do you live in?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to Which verse do you live in?

  1. Sonnet says:

    I left the “Green Ball” church because I think they are abusing Scripture to teach that God is a sexist. I also would not attend a church that teaches that racism is from God.


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