Snipe Hunting with Dr Paige Patterson

Wild Game Event! The brochure proclaimed.  The only person I could think of who loves killing large wild animals is Dr. Paige Patterson, president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. And, sure enough, there he was in his splendored glory ready for the hunt. They sent me an email inviting me to this male-bonding party.

We are having our annual Wild Game Event at Shoal Creek Baptist Church. We would love for all of you to attend and let everyone know that this is a free event. I am sending you a poster along with the email and my contact info.  We are having vendors also, if you want to be a vendor just let me  know, it is free to be a vendor.

They don’t know who they are talking to!  They invited me to be a vendor and set up a free booth. I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak to them.  This might be it.  If I put on my camouflage overalls, I would fit right in.  Dr. Patterson is from Texas so he would know what a Snipe hunt is. So I will invite them all to my Snipe hunt.

 My booth would look like this:

Bagging Male Headship Snipe Hunt

with Shirley Taylor

Free toe sacks! (burlap bags)

Keep all you catch!

Scripture candles to light the way!    

Trophies for the biggest lie – er, ah, Snipe!

Free Literature!

“Dethroning Male Headship – because it doesn’t have a leg to stand on.”

“Husbands Handy Reference Guide When a Wife Doesn’t Have to Submit.”

“Demand for An Apology from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood.”

Paige Patterson preached in January 2010 at a local church and decried the “feminization of the church.”  I guess this is his answer to keeping the churches pure.  Of course it could be said that he shot his big gun at women when his seminary adopted the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood in October 2009.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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37 Responses to Snipe Hunting with Dr Paige Patterson

  1. Mabel says:

    Words cannot describe how disgusted I am by the picture of that self proclaimed “humble, loving, servant-leader (gasp)” posting with a wild animal as if he is befriending it while he really wants to kill its kind, just for fun. I could never understand people engaging in violence as a form of entertainment.


    • Actually, the leopard is dead! He does kill beautiful wild animals and his office at Southwestern Theological Seminary is legendary for the stuffed heads and animals, and animal hides on the floor. Who knows why a man who proclaims to be a man of God would do such to the beauty God has given us, is hard to imagine.


  2. territippins says:

    The fact that he likes to hunt just helps to solidify his manly man image (he’s a *real* man because he is a hunter). I don’t think hugging kittens and volunteering at the animal shelter would score him any masculine points.


    • Some people hunt deer for food, but I doubt they think that makes them any more spiritual. And what is the purpose of being manly? If a woman can’t be feminine, why do men get to be masculine?


      • Sonnet says:

        They want women to be “feminine” just so long as they fit into the feminine box defined for them. The feminine and masculine boxes cannot overlap… otherwise, we’d have a blurring of the lines. You know, not knowing where our place is. So is Jesus only in the masculine box? Does following after Jesus cause a woman to becoming masculinized?

        Yet they encourage women to sacrifice everything for their husbands. To be sacrificial like Christ. It’s all so confusing. And I thought those verses in Ephesians about sacrificing for your spouse were addressed specifically to husbands. If Ephesians helps us to define our separate boxes, then why are women encouraged to sacrifice for their husbands? Doesn’t that masculinize them? Confusing… sigh!


  3. Mabel says:

    Yes, it is a dead animal, or the animal would eat him for snack. The idea is he likes to pretend, hence the natural habitat background.


  4. Mabel says:

    My brother has a Ph.D. in chemistry, my son-in-law has a PhD in theology, I never call them doctors. PhD’s are a dime a dozen in our church. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but in our church, we never call ea. other Dr’s. Maybe humble Christians should be called by names, not titles. Personally, I have completely stopped calling anyone “Reverend”. It is a personal sensibility issue, I’m not telling anyone to do the same.


    • Baptists love to be called Doctor. In fact, this is a true story. About 10 years ago, the DOM in our association was called by all of us Dr. so-so. One day he was driving out in West Texas, and he saw an accident of a truck hauling Porta-cans and a car collide. He got out of his car and talked with them. He gave the man with the Porta-cans his business card. One day he came in and we told him he had a phone call from that man. He said, “He thinks I am a medical doctor, and he keeps calling me with what’s wrong with him.”


  5. Lydia says:

    Don’t get me started on Paige Patterson. He once said that everyone man should own one woman. He also bragged about telling an abused woman to go back to her husband, submit to him more and pray harder. He then bragged the man got saved. But since Patterson is known for his tall tales, I do not believe a word he says. He tells that story to try and make women responsible for their husband’s salvation.

    By the way, years ago, a young protege of Patterson’s, who finally turned against him because he was so evil, said that the seminary paid his taxadermy bills which were huge for stuffing all his wild game to be hung on his office walls. The guy even produced receipts the seminary paid for this! He has since left the SBC and pass protected his blog or I would show you.

    Patterson is also famous for firing Dr. Sheri Klouda for being a woman who taught Hebrew at SWBTS. She was hired before he became president. Once he was president he said it was sin for a woman to be teaching men. She got her doctorate in Hebrew from SWBTS and they were not too picky to take her money for it. She sued but Patterson’s lawyers claimed the seminary was a church so they could do whatever they wanted.

    Don’t get me started. He is a charlatan who has made a nice career of ministry. He also supported Darryl Gilyard whose victims came to Patterson and begged him to deal with Gilyard. these victims who were molested by this protege of Patterson were told by Patterson that they had to have 3 witnessed to his sexual molestation before they could bring an accusation about an elder. How nice! Pervert pastors can claim 3 witnesses have to see them sexual molesting!


    • EricW says:

      FWIW, I knew Sheri Klouda, because she was taking Hebrew at The Criswell College when I was taking Greek and Hebrew. I remember the professors saying how good she was in Hebrew. I didn’t know then about the misogyny of the SBC.


      • Lydia says:

        Eric, she had wonderful evals from her students and peers at SWBTS. The former president hired her. Patterson changed the rules.

        Oh, he also added a homemaking degree at SWBTS.


      • Mara says:

        Patterson not only changed the rules.
        He lied to her and told her before he changed the rules that her job would be safe. And she bought a house, based on his promise, for her family, including her handicapped husband.

        Then Patterson changed the rules, she was booted out, and had to sell her own blood in order to pay for food.


  6. Lydia says:

    BTW: We refer to Dorothy Patterson as Hyacinth Bucket.

    Check out her bio…

    She is well known for her “hats” and “entertaining” lavishly.

    She also said that woman who take birth control are sinning against
    God. And that she obeys her husband in all things…everything. And since he is such an obvious charlatan, it means she is like Sapphira.


    • I love “Keeping up Appearances” with Hyacinth Bucket (Bu – Kay).


      • territippins says:

        And just like Hyacinth Bucket, Mrs. Patterson is in her own world! It is filled with fancy food, frilly hats and long days full of planning her next outing or vacation. We laugh at Hyacinth because she is so over the top (and a comedy) but Mrs. Patterson is no laughing matter, as she has real flesh and blood women trying to mimick her example.


  7. KR Wordgazer says:

    I wonder if Patterson is aware that what this picture looks like to the average person is an overfed, privileged white man glorying in his conquests.


  8. EricW says:

    I thought you had a rule against displaying pornographic or vulgar images on your blog. Ewwww!



  9. Mabel says:

    Breaking news: Shirley caught red handed by Eric for posting bad stuff.


  10. Lydia says:

    Patterson not only changed the rules.
    He lied to her and told her before he changed the rules that her job would be safe. And she bought a house, based on his promise, for her family, including her handicapped husband.

    Then Patterson changed the rules, she was booted out, and had to sell her own blood in order to pay for food.”

    Mara, You are right! He handled it like a coward telling her, her job was safe then doing this behind her back. He even said some male students complained to him about her teaching them but her evals said different and Patterson refused to name the students or have them go to Klouda themselves. (They like Matthew 18 when it protects them but not for others)

    But then, Patterson is known for his shoot from the hip tall tales.


  11. Lydia says:

    “I wonder if Patterson is aware that what this picture looks like to the average person is an overfed, privileged white man glorying in his conquests.”

    I do not think that matters at all. What matters is how he takes these trips as “mission” trips and has them paid for by the SBC entities. Then has the seminary pay the outrageous taxadermy bill.

    Otherwise, he can do as he pleases on his own time with his own money that he does not make off the tithes of others. If it is legal to shoot this sort of animal in the country where he did it, then we cannot complain about that part of it. Take it up with the authorities in that country. Are you against folks wearing real furs?


  12. Lydia says:

    “I wonder if Patterson is aware that what this picture looks like to the average person is an overfed, privileged white man glorying in his conquests.”

    Would it make a difference to you if Patterson was African American?


  13. Kristen says:

    Lydia, I don’t think it would make a difference to me if Patterson were African-American, as far as my decrying his attitude of male privilege. It would, however, affect the way I perceive the photograph. The photograph reminds me of old photos of big-game hunters from the turn of the last century– rich, colonialist men in the glory of their race, class and sex (they thought of themselves as the “lords of creation” according to literature of the time), taking what they wanted without thought of how it affected anyone or anything else. If he were African-American, the picture would not have these same associations in my mind. But I still would not appreciate the arrogance that seems to me to show in this pic.


  14. Welcome! Thanks for the comments. I didn’t know that about skirts and pants. Thanks for the enlightenment.


    • Charles says:

      You are SOMETHING else! You can delete your reply! You deleted what I said!


      • Yes, Charles, I did delete you. There were many things about your comment that disturbed me and I felt that it did not reflect what my post is about. First, I am uncomfortable with a man wearing a skirt. Second, your email address dfwseekwoman makes me uncomfortable.


      • Charles says:

        Do an exhaustive review of the public record, you female fool. People were “uncomfortable with a woman wearing a trouser.” You’re more discriminatory than they were, because you can take a lesson, but you won’t. God will let you suffer for your discrimination. I wore a SKIRT last Sunday all over the museum district in Fort Worth for several hours and NO complaints! Women largely abandoned skirts, men are tabooed to wear them. That’s the nonsense you promote. No more time for you, other places aren’t censoring. Since when did a man seeking a wife become sin? Oh, only if he’s into something your weak mind hasn’t accepted by mass hypnosis environment. “Rights are only for females” is your ACTUAL message here.


      • krwordgazer says:

        Charles, you are out of line. Name-calling and abuse are not appropriate responses to having a comment deleted. Just move on.


  15. krwordgazer says:

    Charles, you are out of line. Name-calling and abuse are not appropriate responses to having a comment deleted. Just move on.


  16. Mara says:

    Wow, Shirley, A Crazy Trick or Treater dropped in on your blog on All Hallow’s Eve just to call you names and pronounce God’s judgment on you (as he sees it).

    Somebody really has a chip on his shoulder about male verses female rights. Let’s hope that guy finds some healing and relief for his tormented soul. Until then, there is no hope of having a real conversation with him.


  17. Al says:

    Vile. Disgusting. Greedy… That is all I see. I can’t even begin to explain how repulsive you are by killing so many of these revered creatures. Your motive for doing so I will never understand, what I would like to know is how you have managed to afford such an expensive hobby. I know that the average cost of a hunting safari starts at roughly 40k. From your photos it is evident that you have been on quite a few of these trips. Is this hobby of yours funded by the followers? Who knew God paid so well…. If this is the kind of douchebag destined for heaven, I want to be left in purgatory haunting a Taco bell for the rest of eternity.


    • You can write Dr Patterson and tell him the same thing you told me. He can be found at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary website. Please be civil when you write. You may think all these things, but it serves no one when this kind of language is used toward others. It actually hurts all Christians when anyone says things such as that. I assume you are not talking about me. I have never been hunting in my life and have no intention of doing so.


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