Waggin’ in to Heaven

The Sadducees presented Jesus with the ridiculous story of seven brothers all marrying the same poor woman who couldn’t have children.  They made up their story just like I did.  It didn’t happen, but they thought their story was cute, just like I thought my story was cute. (Mark 12:18-25 NIV)

I wonder how long it took them to come up with the story which would be the perfect trap for the Teacher. 

Jesus gave them the answer.   The same answer applies to our modern Sadducees who insist that little men-gods will account for their wives.

Jesus answered:

“You are completely wrong! You don’t know what the Scriptures teach. And you don’t know anything about the power of God” (v 24 CEV)

Jesus said that they didn’t understand the power of God.  He is not bound in heaven by the laws they have on earth. He will erase the earthly things that they know about and give them a whole new existence in heaven, comparable to that of the angels (v25). No matter how many wives they have accumulated on earth, they are not going to possess any in heaven.

A favorite joke told in the pulpit is that of a man arriving in heaven pulling a wagon of gold with him.  St. Peter looks into the wagon and asks “Why did you bring all that paving material up here?”They have told that joke many times but they fail to see the full implication of it.  The gold they had on earth belongs on earth.   They think they will line up their family and start explaining.  That God will be pleased with them waggin’ their wives and family into heaven.

Jesus would say it this way.  “Preachers, you who teach the Scriptures, don’t know the Scriptures and don’t know anything about the power of God.”

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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