Marriage is not the subject – part 2

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You can read my response to Pastor Steve Weaver on his blog, but I am also posting it here.  You will see how I worked equality into this argument, like I promised you I would.

For Pastor Steve Weaver to use Romans as a marriage how-to scripture is like someone taking Mark 4, and writing a farming manual on the Parable of the Sower.

Romans 7:1-3 is not about marriage.  The heading in my Bible says “An illustration from marriage.”  Pastor Steve Weaver used it in his paper and developed a whole marriage manual from it.

This was my reply to Steve Weaver.

Pastor, this is what I mean. The apostle Paul used the marriage relationship between a man and woman as an illustration to show this new relationship that Christians have with Christ. He was not giving a law for marriage at all. These people already had a marriage law.

You notice Paul gave the illustration of a woman and her marriage, not a man in his marriage. That is because men could have 2 wives at the same time and it not be adultery. According to my information from a Rabbi they still can have more than one wife. Paul was saying that Christ became the second legal husband of the wife in a metamorphical sense. (added to my response: Via the internet, I asked Rabbi Naftali Silberberg Is polygamy still allowed today.)

Paul frequently uses women when he compares the marriage relationship, because the illustration doesn’t work when using a man.

He is not telling women what to do forever and into the 21 century, as you and complementarians seem to think and preach, but because from the woman’s point of view, marriage was different.

Take 1 Corinthians 11:3 for instance. Read that scripture this way: “Now I want you to remember that the head of every man is Christ (remember the illustrations I gave you about your marriage, how the husband is the head of the wife) and the head of Christ is God.

To read it the complementarian way means that Christ is the head of only men because the man is the head of women, and to believe it that way, you imbue men with divinity. You know only a divine God can be the head of anybody. Paul does not give divinity to a human being. So, to be true to Holy Scripture, you must read it as I write it, to do so any other way makes man part of the Trinity.

I thank you for this opportunity to explain. You might find my other posts interesting. They are all about claiming the equality God gave women. One day it will happen, Pastor.

If I were a man and believed it the way you do, I would be on my knees begging God to give my wife and daughters the same privileges he gives me.

Remember, the farthest thing from Saul’s mind as he walked down the Damascus Road, was that he might be wrong. (End of my response to Pastor Steve Weaver).

I did not read the whole paper, but I did read through parts of it, and I did read where he quoted Romas 7:1-3, which is what we are discussing.  Page 9 he says “remarriage in the two cases when the husband dies is permitted – not only does the apostle Paul argue that the woman is “free” after the husband dies (Romans 7:3) he also encourages it in the case of younger widows.”

Then he concludes his paper “This is marriage and divorce according to the apostle Paul.”

That is misuse of the scriptures.  This is not a marriage how-to book.  It is the apostle Paul using a particular situation in a marriage to explain how they could accept a new law – this time from Christ.


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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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7 Responses to Marriage is not the subject – part 2

  1. KR Wordgazer says:

    I love this:

    “If I were a man and believed it the way you do, I would be on my knees begging God to give my wife and daughters the same privileges he gives me.”

    A doctrine that results in humans being able to be more compassionate, more loving, more just than God, has to be false. Doctrines that make Him small, petty, arbitary, addicted to rules rather than caring about individuals– these are not correct interpretations of Scripture.


    • Moses set the example. In Exodus 32:11-14 Moses intercedes for the people. The scripture says God changed his mind. Of course, since some (all) complementarians believe that God can never change the status of women, I guess that would be moot. However, even these people say that God intended for women to be equal, until Eve messed it up. So that is an example of God changing his mind. What would happen if God’s chosen on earth (Males) interceded for their wives and daughters? Methinks they don’t want to. That they love their status (to use a facebook term).


  2. DJ says:

    You call someone out publicly, but you don’t even bother to read his whole paper?!


    • Welcome! We are glad you joined the discussion.

      Absolutely. I read all the references to Romans 7, which was my focus. Can you deny that Romans 7 is not a marriage manual, but is a discussion about Christ being the new “husband” that a person knowing the law can now legally “wed.” It is an illustration of their present day fact, not a law for future marriages.

      Surely you see that.

      I hope you don’t think that Jewish wedding laws are for us today. If so, I doubt that you are following them. Did you know that a woman could not marry in a synagogue because she cannot speak in a synagogue, and that is why she and her beloved have to go under a tent to get married. I’ll bet you said your marriage vows in a church out loud – with your wife speaking – in front of the church.

      Thank you for joining us.


  3. Deb Hurn says:

    And I like this:

    “For Pastor Steve Weaver to use Romans as a marriage how-to scripture is like someone taking Mark 4, and writing a farming manual on the Parable of the Sower.” Indeed.


  4. Lin says:

    We are having some fun with “biblical roles for women”:


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