It was Greek to him

Recently I received this email from my website. He signed it Geek for Greek

I was reading the site today and wondering about the Equal, but… slogan.

Is a lay member equal to the pastor of a church?  If so, why aren’t all members given the microphone?  Equal, …but it’s their job?  Equal, …but it’s their calling?  Equal, but…

What about a lay person and a deacon?  Are they equal?  Why aren’t all  members deacons?  Equal, …but the church voted for them.  Equal, …but “not qualified” to be a deacon.  How is that equality? Everyone is created equally in the image of God.  Everyone should be a deacon!

I thought equal means equal!

My reply to Mr. Geek for Greek:

Geek for Greek sounds really intellectual, and I would have expected a more intellectual conversation regarding equality from you.

You facetiously determine “Everyone should be a deacon!” because I have rejected your qualifications of a deacon, and a pastor, and because the church voted for males (using your qualifications, I might add).

Go back to 1 Timothy 3 and read the qualifications for a deacon.  Read all of them.  Not just “the husband of one wife” which you know actually translates “one woman man, and is not about the gender but about multiple wives).  Study the ones about behavior.These are the two qualifications to look for in choosing a deacon:

1. The person chosen should have Christian faith and have excellent morals

2. When choosing a person, you should have compassion and not choose a man who has multiple wives and a house full of kids

Gender has absolutely nothing to do with the requirements of being a deacon.

Answer these questions:

1.  Why would gender have anything to do with it?  What do the deacons in your church do in regards to carrying out ministry, that a woman can’t do?

2.  Jesus never used gender as a requirement, so why would Paul, and why should you?

3.  Why is it so precious to you to be able to tell women that they can never be a deacon?

 What do you think is the message of the Bible?  Is it about salvation and grace, and the love of Christ, or is it about male superiority?

Remember, the farthest thing from Saul’s mind as he walked down the Damascus Road was that he might be wrong.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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10 Responses to It was Greek to him

  1. Paula says:

    I have a simpler response: There is no “laity”, because there is no “clergy”.

    That is, leaders in the Body are not bosses, and one spiritual gift is not elevated above the others. I think of it as like the mutuality between a doctor and his accountant: when the topic is health, the doctor leads; when the topic is finance, the accountant leads. Neither is the permanent boss of the other, especially based upon something as irrelevant as the flesh. If one were black and the other white, what would change? Likewise, if one were male and the other female, nothing would change; it is irrelevant.

    What Geek fails to realize is that femaleness is not a role but an essence, and a permanent one. The doctor and the accountant are not always in a one-way hierarchy (and even then, it really isn’t a hierarchy but a temporary and limited lead/follow), but with male/female the structure according to male supremacy is permanent and one-way, for the leader and follower never, ever change places.

    So Geek proceeds from a false analogy: that there is no difference between temporary, limited relationships and permanent, ontological relationships. And like most other Christians, Geek thinks “not so among you” apparently does not apply to the Body, in spite of it being a clear and undisputed command of Jesus.


    • They come out swinging when they think their male supremacy is threatened. What they won’t admit is that it is un-Biblical and just a made up supremacy anyway. The tagline of this post is “Claiming our Equality” and whether Geek likes it or not, that is what we are doing! Thanks for the comments.


      • Paula says:

        Yes, they need to understand that we’re not **asking** for equality, we’re **claiming** it. We don’t need their permission. And if they find that unacceptable then they can’t whine when we leave their temples and take our gifts (and money) with us. Let them live on Mars if they want; we would have coexisted with them but they will not have it.


  2. Kristen says:

    My response to Mr. Geek for Greek:

    Equal, …but it’s their job?

    For a man, yes. For a woman, it’s “equal, but it can NEVER be your job.”

    Equal, …but it’s their calling?

    For a man, yes. For a woman, it’s “equal, but we refuse to recognize that you could ever possibly have such a calling.”

    Why aren’t all members deacons? Equal, …but the church voted for them.

    For a woman, it’s “Equal, but your name will never be allowed even to appear on the ballot.”

    Equal, …but “not qualified” to be a deacon.

    For a woman, it’s “Equal, but though in every other sense qualified, your femaleness precludes you from ever being considered.”

    Does it still look so very “equal” to you?


  3. Lydia says:

    “Is a lay member equal to the pastor of a church? If so, why aren’t all members given the microphone? Equal, …but it’s their job? Equal, …but it’s their calling? Equal, but…

    What about a lay person and a deacon? Are they equal? Why aren’t all members deacons? Equal, …but the church voted for them. Equal, …but “not qualified” to be a deacon. How is that equality? Everyone is created equally in the image of God. Everyone should be a deacon!”

    He starts with a wrong premise so there will always be a wrong conclusion. Has he not read Corinthians? And Paula is right, there is NO laity in the Body of Christ. if saved, all are part of the Holy Priesthood with differing functions and spiritual gifts. No gift is superior to another gift or function. He is stuck on position and power. A huge sin trap for many but has nothing to do with the Body of Christ. Elders and such are simply the more mature believers. This is not static as they are to be encouraging others to grow in Holiness. And elder would look more like Matt 5 than an “office” or management position.

    the way things are today and even in teh past, people cannot grow past their pastor if they are not studying on their own. And if they are, the body is stifled listening to one guy week after week. It was never intended to be that way.

    I am afraid his pride and ego were showing. Amazing they cannot see it as it is glaringly obvious.


  4. It seems he just read the ‘slogan’, and none of the articles. Seriously!

    If he came up with those conclusions AFTER reading any of the material present here? Intellect isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for me.

    No offense, but if he can’t connect the dots after reading some material here you have to wonder what other basic items he can’t seem to grasp.

    The premise is if you have a gift in a certain area that God has granted you to use to the Glory of his name – gender should not be an barrier. That is in no way NEAR – everyone should be able to.

    Personally? I take the comment as more smokescreens and diversion. Its sarcasm. Its a means to button push. Sadly, what I don’t think people realize is how silly they truly come across when they approach things in this manner.

    They understand the concept of equal but…

    Instead of attempting a mature conversation on how they may view things differently? They speak down to people with the sarcasm, and it pretty much validates the ‘equal but’ without them realizing it.

    It also shows the principals aren’t as firm as they should be on this realm. Maybe use a bit of humility in approaching this. Playing the simpleton doesn’t show intellect – it truly shows a childlike nature that the bible says we are to leave behind.


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