Lowering the bar

I just read about Marcus Lamb of Daystar Christian Television located in Dallas, Texas.  He carried on an affair for 7 years with a high-ranking woman in his organization, while his wife either didn’t know, or couldn’t, or wouldn’t stop it. 

I say that the wife might not stop the affair because she might have been afraid of the possibility of it exploding and bringing down their financial empire.  We don’t know what it will do to Daystar long term.

I expect that his followers will forgive and continue to give.

How many times do you forgive?  Did Jesus mean 70 x 70 times, or 70 x 70 pastors?

Let’s see.

  • The Baptist pastor in Waco who murdered his wife
  • Randy Robertson who made the news in a strip club in Oklahoma
  • Ted Haggart, head of the Evangelist group, had a homosexual affair and is now back preaching.
  • Jimmy Swaggart is still preaching
  • Jim Bakker is still preaching
  • My former pastor is still in prison for molesting his grandchildren
  • A male youth pastor was treated for pornography
  • A male Hispanic pastor committed adultery
  • A pastor had to leave town after he said he was falsely charged with touching two young girls at Astroworld Theme Park,.
  • The priest in December 4, 2010 Houston Chronicle who exposed himself to an undercover officer while in an adult book store.
  • The multiples of priests who are homosexual
  • The multiples of priests who have impregnated women
  • The multiples of priests who have abused children

Is it easier to forgive a wayward pastor than it is to hire a woman pastor?

We don’t know what women pastors will do, but I can guarantee that the bar has been lowered so much by male pastors, that a woman pastor can’t do any worse.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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1 Response to Lowering the bar

  1. Kristen says:

    Indeed. But we can’t have women preachers because of the violence that will do to the gospel.

    *rolls eyes*


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