Agenda – a Baptist cuss word

A man told me recently that I had an agenda.  I think he was using a Baptist cuss word.

I think he meant that I want something that he doesn’t want or that he doesn’t agree with. Actually the word agenda has no emotional baggage attached to it.  It simply means a list of things desired.

So of course I have an agenda. I make no apologies for having an agenda.

My list has only one thing on it. Let me spell out my agenda so everybody will know:

1.   I want to be able to walk into my church without feeling that my church holds it against me that I am a woman.

A list is not much of a list unless it has two items on it, so let’s add another item to my agenda list:

2.   I want every woman to be able to walk into her church without feeling that her church holds it against her that she is a woman.

Why wouldn’t that be every woman’s agenda? Why would men be afraid of this agenda?  They already walk into a church and give not one thought whatsoever as to whether or not that church holds it against them that they are men.

Maybe I ought to add another item to my agenda list:

3.   I want women and men to speak up and demand that women be able to walk into their church without feeling that their church holds it against them that they are women.

This brings to mind another item that I need to add to my agenda list. 

4.   I want pastors to make it a priority in their church to change the by-laws of their church so that women will be able to walk into their church without feeling that their church holds it against them that they are women.

I think that says it all, but there is one more thing I need to add to my agenda list:

5.   I want denominational leaders to get the courage to stand up and speak up for 60% of their church membership who are not able to walk into their church without feeling that their church holds it against them that they are women.

I have an agenda.  It is a simple agenda.  But it is just words on a computer until men and women begin to speak up for themselves. 

If this is your agenda also, will you join me in speaking up for equality for Christian women in our churches?


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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8 Responses to Agenda – a Baptist cuss word

  1. chaidrinkingfool says:

    You rock. Thank you!

    Unfortunately, number 5…many women just feel that this is the way God made things. Many women feel that they’re being treated “equally”, since that’s what they’ve been told over and over. So all in whom the Holy Spirit is being discriminated against do not *recognize* that is what’s going on. Not, of course, that it matters in one sense–we are working for the freedom of the Holy Spirit to act in all female vessels.

    But that isn’t my main point. Thank you for posting what you do. You give me new ideas and new courage. I recently visited a church (with others) in a denomination where the Holy Spirit, when it is in a woman, is held captive by the church. I did two things:
    1. I thanked a young woman who had sung during the service for her preaching, and complimented her on her beautiful voice. The Word is no less the Word because it is sung rather than spoken.
    2. I let the preacher, who had preached on the importance of the Spirit, and listening to the Spirit, know that I appreciated his sermon. And that I look forward to the time when the (his) denomination will reconsider what the Holy Spirit is able to do “when it is in a female container”.

    Thank you for your encouragement!


  2. Kristen says:

    I have another couple of items on my agenda.

    1. I want wives and potential wives to stop feeling that they were born to be subordinate to male rule in the home.

    2. I want men to let go of their male privilege — the “divine right of kings” applied in their homes with themselves as “king” — and raise their wives up to be co-leaders in their homes.


  3. Lydia says:

    A female in the sacred pulpit!


    • Mara says:

      Whoa! She listened to that Jonah tape/CD enough times to memorize it.

      It’s the same tape my kids had when they were little, except they left the part out about the plant and the worm that ate it.

      What a cutie. Pink dress and giant bow in her hair and all.


    • Paula says:

      I dare someone to call her Jezebel.


  4. Lydia says:

    I think her age makes her non threatening. But if she wants to replicate this sort of thing at 30, she will suddenly be a Jezebel.


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