Only the women

The Baptist leaders tell me that women were created for certain roles.  And that men were created for certain roles.  

One problem I find with this is that the role of pastor and deacon can be held only by men.  As I posted Wednesday, they are overlooking the real meaning of the scriptures they use to give men the elevated positions. 

How do I know they are elevated positions? 

Because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be denied to women. 

Nobody seriously thinks that a superior position would be given to a woman.  

But then I get confused.  Because they tell me that this was laid down at the creation. 

So I’m thinking back to the creation. Adam was told to till the soil and Eve was told to cry out in pain while having a baby. 

But something went wrong there in the garden.

For all these past thousands of years women were working right alongside the husband and kids, feeding the family, and taking care of the animals, and providing clothes and shelter – and crying out in childbirth.

Home-birthing is coming back in favor among some Christian conservatives – so here we go crying in pain during childbirth again.  After all, that was the only job given to women.

The problem I am having with this is that women are missionaries, they write Sunday school lessons, write and teach Bible Studies, serve on boards, teach in seminaries, are administrative assistants to pastors, and a host of other things. 

So I ask:

  • Are our missionaries inferior to deacons?
  • Are our Sunday school writers inferior to a deacon?
  • Are our professors in seminaries inferior to deacons?
  • Are our administrative assistants to pastors inferior to deacons?

And the reply I hear back from our Baptist leaders is:

Only the women.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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8 Responses to Only the women

  1. Jane says:

    I don’t have time to like get into this in depth here, but the Home-Birthing movement [of which I had two at home] was actually a woman centered/woman empowered Anti-Patriarchal earth centered movement–what is being taken or I will Boldly say, Hijacked by womb hating patriarchs under mensianity,

    is a real disgrace to the entire Home Birth community in my strong opinion. The whole idea of home birth Was to get Away from the whole ‘pain centered curse’ must have MEN interfere with their male supremacy and take birth back to the female in nature, the POWERFUL FEMALE IN NATURE, and truth is,

    woman having Autonomy over her own body/birth IS not only empowering but LESS PAINFUL, and I speak from experience…had two homebirths, two in hospital [latter two due to my own poor health/poverty then] and the two in hospital I did need pain relief, from the stress of Constant intervention, Constant men/tech telling me How to feel, How to move, What to do, as if ANY FRICKING MAN KNOWS WHAT BIRTH IS,

    the two Home Births, the first and second child, was all women [other than my first husband at first one] and was Not fearful, was Not controlled by MEN, RELIGION OR FEAR, and was BARELY ANY PAIN…the second one I nearly had my daughter in bathtub, I was in total control of that birth, I delivered her myself with only a little assistance from midwife [caught her myself, the whole bit], Why, because I was tough?

    NO, because when Women TAKE BACK, WOMEN SPACE, WOMEN’S FEMALE POWER, that fear and all that patriarchal Misogynist womb hate control Isn’t there, and it Does make a Huge difference–

    and IF these Christian women are going back to home birth, Eventually a few of them are going to become aware of the female power [in nature] and this could very well BE the avenue God takes, to create a female empowered ‘female in God’ consciousness to RISE UP, AND CONFRONT THESE WOMB HATERS ONCE AND FOR ALL,

    you know just the FACT that these womb haters use the term ‘pain’ puts a lot of unnecessary pain Onto women, we [midwife/me/other women–anti-patriarchal and earth centered] did not refer to birth as Pain, but as Labor, Work…we used herbs, we used freedom of movement [I walked, squatted and there was no epidurals or cutting or being strapped down to machines or any of that Unnecessary except in complications and I WAS IN CONTROL, rather than Male Defined Womb Hating/Curse believing garbage…and the thing is, I barely had any pain, even the first birth, the hardest, though painful during transition, wasn’t Anything, as patriarchs and fear mongers describe–it Could have been, but thanks to an all woman centered/empowered environment outside of Religion, it wasn’t,

    and I breastfed for two years, each child [have four] and by the time I had two in hospital, due to my poor health [cancer/cervix, other comp] even Then, I was empowered enough that I had midwife in hospital, I controlled, I called the shots, no cutting none of that–and though I had health complications I still had no where the pain/issues that I hear many have,

    but then, I didn’t go by that whole women are cursed and pain and all that patriarchal woman hating nonsense either…and still don’t, there is a Real Power, mother bear, that comes from Women getting in touch with the Instincts God gave her, without male/patriarchal interference, I sang, I breathed, I squatted, I laughed, I brought into this world,


    I brought, not some man who claims Credit for My LABOR…labor of love,

    and Jesus was right there the entire time.

    Women need to TAKE BACK, WHAT IS THEIRS, their space, their birth, their Bodies, their sexuality…and Stop letting patriarchal LIES shame them,

    or drive them into Fear. that’s right, hear me Roar…lol




  2. EricW says:

    Convincing the SBC to reject patriarchalism/complementarianism has only a slightly better chance than convincing the RCC to reject Transubstantiation. It’s in their blood.

    (Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. Maybe.) 🙂


  3. EricW says:

    I have been reading about the Reformation. I think it is time we reformed the SBC. Will you help?

    Only from the outside. I am not in the SBC and never will be. Those who are in the SBC and feel compelled or obligated or required to remain there can continue to try to reform it re: patriarchalism.

    But as an outsider I’ll continue to speak out about or speak up for egalitarianism on the Internet and to and among Christians, whether SB or not, when and where the subject arises.


    • Thank you. We need all the help getting the word out. The Freedom for Christian Women is non-denomination. I am Southern Baptist, but only one of the consultants is. Our convention videos are being put up on websites, youtube, Tangle and whereever we can get anyone to post it. Please take a look. Remember, we are just a group of women who have a fire in our souls that something must be done. I had never held a microphone in my hand before. (kind of liked, though).–eHg5MWs Shirley


  4. Lydia says:

    “Convincing the SBC to reject patriarchalism/complementarianism has only a slightly better chance than convincing the RCC to reject Transubstantiation. It’s in their blood.”

    Eric, I grew up in the mainstream SBC in tons of different churches because of my mom’s ministry and I can tell you it was NOT like it is today. Only those old enough to live through the CR understand this. Women did everything! And part of this is because there were very few “mega churches”. A mega church back then had 500 people!

    A woman may not have been called as pastor but she could preach, teach men and do whatever had to be done. The SBC today is NOT the SBC I grew up in. It was priesthood of believer and soul competency all the way. It was totally different than today with our little popes and roles religion.

    Can it be reformed? I doubt it. We have a whole generation who have no clue and follow after men because they have been taught to. But I do think the SBC will die a slow death for many reasons…not just the woman issue. The only reason there is an SBC is cooperate on missions and in a global economy that is needed less and less.


    • You make some good points, and you are right. The SBC of today is nothing like it used to be. In all the churches I went to, the women were called to pray outloud from their pews, and while there were no women deacons, nothing was ever said about all this submitting stuff. If it had progressed the way it was going, women would be equal. But the conservative takeover changed all that. SBC will either be reformed, or it will shrivel and die. However, I am not sure the mega churches are as women-friendly as they need to be. So I am concerned on that level, too.


  5. Lydia says:

    The mega churches ARE NOT woman friendly. This I know about personally. There is way too much money in comp seminars!


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