Playing House with the True Woman

Freedom for Christian Women Coalition

Equal means Equal

The True Woman Conference is gearing up for next month.  These are the men and the women who gush about women being EQUAL-BUT.  These people are living in make-believe world. When are they going to get tired of playing house?

I don’t mean the women, I mean the men.

Women can play house all day long, and name the husband, and the kids and set the stage for all kinds of scenarios.  At least that is what I did when I was a kid and played with dolls in my make-believe world.

At the True Woman Conference, the little will woman stand up and decry feminism and blame every sin she can think of on it, even though she is feminine as all women are.

The men will count the money that will be made by the books sold, the DVDs, and all the paraphernalia associated with it.

So, when are the men going to get tired of playing house?  After all, this is a game women play.  And usually no men are allowed. 

I guess money makes the difference here as it does everywhere.  They will stay in this game a little longer because someone with LEADERSHIP skills has to handle the money because the little woman can’t.


About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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6 Responses to Playing House with the True Woman

  1. Yes their videos last year were enough to make you vomit. They even played your SONG! lol!


  2. Sonnet says:

    So if you don’t believe in equal-but, does that make you a false woman? 😉


    • Cindy K says:


      I actually posted this question on the True Woman ’08 website, just a few days after the conference. . .

      Someone responded and said that I would still be a woman, but I wouldn’t be a True Woman (TM, copyright) along with all of the other True Women who had signed the manifesto.

      Somehow that did not seem strange, misleading, manipulative or derogatory to those who didn’t have leave from the Holy Spirit to sign it. Hmmmm.


  3. Lydia says:

    Ok, I have a serious question. What is the point of being a ‘True Woman’ when our Savior, our model for perfection, was a male?

    Where does gender fit in with being Christlike? Has anyone asked a “true woman” about that?


  4. Kristen says:

    “What is the point of being a ‘True Woman’ when our Savior, our model for perfection, was a male?”

    Yes– and many of them say that only a male can “represent Christ” to the congregation, which is what the senior pastor is doing every time he gets up to preach. Which means that the point of the Incarnation wasn’t Christ’s humanity, but His maleness. Which, if taken to its logical conclusion, disenfranchises women from salvation itself. . .

    The “priesthood of the believer” has been replaced with the priesthood of the senior pastor. Each senior pastor is a min-pope. Argggh.


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