Your sin will find you out

If preacher Randy Robertson had had a father like mine he wouldn’t be in the pickle he is in now.  My father’s favorite words were “Your sin will find you out.” 

Well, they found former-pastor Randy Robertson out this week. 

“For 6-weeks FOX 25 watched as Pastor Randy Robertson spent hour after hour at the strip club. So we walked in the strip club camera rolling. At first the pastor had little to say. He hid in the restroom and tried to take our microphone. We also went to his church to see if it would open its books to prove whether the pastor was spending church money on that stripper.” (reads the introduction of the expose by Fox 25 News) 

I encourage you to watch it.  It is sleazy and the pastor obviously is caught in a lie and a terrible sin against God and against his congregation.

I went to their website and there in your face is what they think about women.  Under Beliefs is posted the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.  

Family (Section of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000

God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society. …Marriage is the unity of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. …The husband and wife are of equal worth before God, since both are created in God\’s image. The marriage relationship models the way God relates to His people. …Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord. 

They need to revise the Baptist Faith and Message again and put in a section called: 

Clergy Behavior 

They need this special section because the Baptist Faith and Message seeks to address the behavior of men and women in the church and in the home.  They forgot about the church and they should seek to protect the church against these kinds of sins.  Internet pornography is one of the fastest growing sins of pastors today.  More than likely, pastor Randy Robertson was guilty of that, also, as the two seem to go together. 

I find no happiness in writing about this.  Would women be guilty of the same kind of sin?  Doubtful, but human nature is sinful and even those redeemed have to be on guard that they practice what they preach.


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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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5 Responses to Your sin will find you out

  1. Lydia says:

    Wade’s last 2 blog posts have been about this and typical pastor response is to blast the media for their ‘over the top’ reporting. And of course, the bloggers are gossips for discussing it. And, of course, it is a matter for their church only. (Seems they missed it by a mile since he had been going there for a while)

    We have a pastor problem. It is called arrogance 101 from seminary. They want to be in authority over people but when one is caught lying or at a stipper’s club, they say it is sin to discuss it on blogs.

    My question is simple: Was the pastor who was preaching the Word all that time even saved? YOu bet it is soemthing we should discuss! There are people out there FOLLOWING pastors instead of Christ. And the pastors are teaching this stuff.


    • Absolutely we should discuss it. I read what Wade said, and I did not agree with him at all. What this man did was a sin and there is redemption from sin, but there are consequences to this kind of sin. He knew it was wrong when he did it, and yes, I do judge him for that. I hope he repents, and I trust God to forgive him. I would like for him to live life in forgiveness, but not in the pulpit.


  2. I think at times when ‘humans’ are faced with what Wade speaks about with ‘transparency’, and then they are up close and personal with what they ask of from others – they also struggle.

    I got the impression that he knows the man in question. Its almost like they want to believe this man went there to minister to someone from the Celebrate Recovery group, and ignore other facts like he gave the reporter tips on other strip clubs in the area. How this one (club) is his favorite, and we don’t even have to towards the kissing he did on video.

    Its telling that his resignation letter stands by this lie over his reasons for being there. I’m sure its harder being on the news, but it seems odd that he asks for transparency – and then blame the media. I think he is struggling with what transparency means when it is indeed up close and personal.

    I have to wonder if some within the church KNEW of his character, and they pushed it under the carpet. If they trusted the ‘leadership’ with this church why would they not have gone to them first and foremost? I realize some just like to ‘hate’ on others, and would do it regardless. If the church is the type that ignores the elephant in the living room? Why are they surprised they were exposed? Jesus does say that sin will be exposed, and YES it is sad that it had to be done on fox news!

    This pastor needs to give up the lie about the celebrate recovery, and truly get real instead of lying. That would be transparency, and Wade needs to be encouraging this man to do so instead of blaming the media and blogs over discussing his lies.

    I can truly empathize with Wade on the difficulty being he is close to this, and maybe he is just showing his more human side in his reaction.

    I don’t know……


    • I have known some really wonderful pastors at my church, and as my supervisors when I worked for BGCT. I have a wonderful pastor now. Like you, I have questions I would like to ask. For one, should we tar all pastors with this same brush of sexual sin because of one pastor? We know the answer to that. No, we do not. But, these same pastors who do not want a woman to be a pastor, is willing to tar every woman in the church as being for homosexuality if they seek equality for Christian women. I see a double standard here. And it is not pretty.


      • Lydia says:

        “But, these same pastors who do not want a woman to be a pastor, is willing to tar every woman in the church as being for homosexuality if they seek equality for Christian women. I see a double standard here. And it is not pretty.”

        Very true. And let’s face it, the information coming out about pervert pastors is increasing all the time. Just read Christa Brown’s blog. And what is worse, many churches protect them!


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