Did you do it?

I left you with a challenge last Wednesday.  I challenged you to go visit a church that you know for sure recognizes women as equal human beings before God.

For those of you who regularly read this blog, you know that this blog is a call to action.  For those who do not know that, please read my post “Solitaire or Solidarity.”  Also, you are challenged on each blog to get up and do something.

I don’t tell you to do something while I just sit at my computer.  For instance, this past week:

  • I had a letter to the editor regarding women’s equality published in the Baptist Standard
  • I had a letter to the editor “Why we can’t win the war in Afghanistan” (abbreviated version of post)  published in my local newspaper
  • I had a telephone interview with a religion editor of a newspaper (will let you know if it is published in a few weeks)
  • I was contacted by a woman who is writing her dissertation about women in leadership and wants to interview me
  • I tried to secure another interview to talk about equality for women, but was not successful
  • I attended a church with a female associate pastor

This week I am again asking you do something.  I want you to subscribe to the Freedom for Christian Women Coalition newsletter called Five Smooth Stones.  Go to www.FreeCWC.com and sign up.

Equal - no buts

Equal means equal

 Sow the Wind, Read the Whirlwind is the title of the article written by Jocelyn Andersen for this edition of Five Smooth Stones.

This is how the article begins: More and more people are asking,Is it legal for state created organizations, such as 501c3 tax exempt corporations, to practice and promote policies of institutional gender discrimination.  And courts are concluding that this is, indeed, a valid question.”  Read the rest of the article after you sign up to receive the newsletter.

After you have signed up, take the poll and let me know that you are serious in your commitment to help women secure their equality. 

No longer just talking about it, but doing something about it.

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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10 Responses to Did you do it?

  1. Mabel says:

    I applaud Shirley’s many concrete actions to spread the word. I want to share what action I took last month. Recently, our Church Board decided to ordain 2 male ministers and leave out our 2 female ministers, who’ve been there longer and do outstanding work. I asked, IN WRITING, the senior pastor and elders the following 5 questions:

    (Actually, I’m against the whole system of ordination as is practiced. There is scant biblical basis for it. However, if you are to ordain, then you should be consistent.)

    1. Define “ordination” according to the scriptures. Cite verses and explain them.
    2. Is “Pastor” a title or is “Pastor” a description of function.
    3. What functions do the “Pastor ” perform and which of these functions are restricted to men only.
    4. If women cannot be “Pastors”, should they be barred from performing pastoral functions, i.e. teaching, caring, counseling, discipling, leading, preaching (same as teaching), design programs, train leaders, etc.
    5. If women can perform pastoral functions and you do not call them “Pastor”, are you simply conferring a Title? If so, is that Biblical?

    I had a long talk with the Senior pastor. He actually agreed with most of my thinking but was unable to answer my pointed questions. So far, I have not heard back from the Elders. I will follow up.
    Our church is more or less a functioning egalitarian church (women can teach mixed SS class, be deacons, be ministers, baptize adult males, preside over communions, train small group leaders of both genders, etc., but they cannot be “ordained” nor be elders. But then, they are already functioning as such, they are just not called such.)
    I believe in holding our pastors and elders accountable and challenge them in writing, which forces them to defend their positions.

    The most important action is still the one with our knees. I am guilty of not praying enough for our body.


  2. chaidrinkingfool says:

    I am one who has had difficulty saying this in the past, but–Praise the Lord!

    I’m glad to see the beginning of the Freedom for Christian Women Coalition. I’ve been working for the equality of females in the church for only a few years, now, and I feel a more direct approach than what we’ve been doing is needed (or maybe it’s just my personal frustration). I LOVE “equal means equal”, because I hate to see the English language twisted and destroyed through misuse, as well. How do we communicate once we make words meaningless?

    I have signed up for the newsletter. Though I am in somewhat of a season of rest at the moment, it seems I still cannot keep my mouth shut… 🙂 Thank you for your work!


    • Thank you for your encouraging words. As you’ve heard me say before “we’ve talked about it, we’ve prayed about it, and we’ve cried about it, and now it is time to do something.” Thank you all for helping do something about it.


  3. Jane says:

    well, I don’t go to church [and will never step foot into one] but,

    I did this week [and I do this often] sign several petitions,

    one to end or try to stop the stoning of Sakine Ashtiani in Iran [and not the first time] as well as petitions,


  4. Kristen says:

    What I have been doing is having our church book club (which includes the pastor’s wife) read books promoting women’s equality, like “The Blue Parakeet” by Scot McKnight and “Daughters of the Church” by Tucker & Liefield (this latter is a re-examination of church history to include all the women who have been ignored and invisible in standard church history texts).

    When the pastor’s wife likes a book, she generally recommends it to her husband, the pastor, as well. I know for a fact that he read and liked The Blue Parakeet.

    Our church is like Mabel’s– mutual submission in the home is preached (except the husband still gets the tie-breaker “final decision” trump card), as well as equality in ministry (with the exception of “elder” or “senior pastor.”) I’m working on respectfully helping them see the inconsistency of these positions.

    I will subscribe to the newsletter today.


  5. Mabel says:

    Kristen, unfortunately, our church does not preach mutual submission in the home. Our male pastor/elder preach wife submission, they just add plenty of sugar to the mix and call it respect, or whatever.


    • territippins says:

      Mutual submission is not taught in my church as well. The only time when ‘mutual submission’ has an opportunity to be discussed is when we have SS lesson on marriage or male/female relationships…….and I or my husband get to give our two cents worth. My husband ultimately had to stop attending church meetings (for men only) because they would not allow the women to attend. I know people think that is odd, but he is backing me up and I love him for it.

      I know that from being in church all my life ( I am 42) that the mule load of the work falls on the women. Visiting, cleaning, cooking, teaching SS, nursing home, teaching VBS, etc. So, I have always been dumb founded why women were not included in the business of the church………they are practically all over it! Asking for a principle or scriptural proof for this has got me absolutely nowhere. My friends don’t understand why I make such a big deal out of this. One reason is because in the holiness denomination I have only seen (1) woman evangelist (and I am 42). I only know of 1 holiness pastor that was a woman (that has now passed) and 1 woman pastor of the AOG that is local, and that’s it. What about when these women are gone? It just makes me weep.


  6. chaidrinkingfool says:

    That reminds me of a group out there that’s like the new Promise Keepers (PK): I mention them so that folks know whom to look out for.

    Wellspring for Men.

    I’ve heard from only one man who’s been through it, but it may get “hot” in PCA churches. The man I heard (a pastor) talked about all the pain “gender roles” have caused women, and all the unfairness…and then promotes the loving leadership of husbands in the home. DOH!

    It’s similar to PK in that a number of the things that are taught are good. In fact, I believe they are often after God’s own heart–e.g. men being free to express their emotions openly with their wives and with other men. But it seems they cannot do this *and* renounce the other parts of the system (male=leader, female=follower) they are trying to break away from. It’s a shame, that.


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