Heavenly Chorus – Heavily Soprano

 (This is written by my husband, Don Taylor, who is my biggest encourager.  He is the one who helped me realize that Southern Baptists were not treating women right.  To me, that was the normal way, but my husband opened my eyes to the injustice in the churches. My great thanks to him.)

At church last Sunday, I noticed that there were nine women and three men in the choir. That is consistent with choirs of many churches I have attended the last few years. To me it looks like the choirs are made up of at least 60 percent women. 

Looking around in the pews I can see that there are more women than men  attending the services. Women alone or with other women or a woman attending with a married couple. The 60-40 ratio is pretty consistent. Seldom is there a man by himself. 

Will it be this way in heaven?

Women are less likely to commit violent crimes. There are fewer women in prison. The Texas prison system holds 143,000 men to just 12,000 women.

Can you conclude that men are more likely to do evil than women? Yet, men do almost all of the preaching in the churches.

I am acquainted with many Godly men who do great works for the Lord. But, at the same time I also know many Godly women who do great works for the Lord.

When we all get to heaven; will that heavenly chorus sound heavily soprano?

About bwebaptistwomenforequality

Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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2 Responses to Heavenly Chorus – Heavily Soprano

  1. Paula says:

    Excellent questions! “The first shall be last…”


  2. territippins says:

    First, I will say that it is great when a husband encourages a wife in the area of equality between women and men. I believe that they deserve a medal as other men have a tendancy to shun them as traitors to thier sex. So, it is definately not easy for a man to take a stand like that. My husband has lost friends over this issue and so have I but, we knew that would be a price we might have to pay.

    Well, singing in the choir is an ‘acceptable’ outlet for women in the church. But, it is hard to understand how that would square with the literal interpreation, “let the women keep silence in the church?” What happens is the need (singing is so essential to corporate worship)the leaders will make allowances (for the sake of the church of course, which is 60% women.) They have to give women something; nursery duty, potluck socials, cleaning, childrens church, etc. anything but a visible position of leadership. The male leaders in the church keep women so busy with assignments(or things they would rather not do ;)) that they do not have time to discover thier true calling or spiritual potential.

    Now, when it comes to evil women get a 50/50 share (that’s when equality becomes important.) But, equality only applies to evil/sinfulness not authority, power or visible leadership.


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