Control – theirs to keep

Today I heard the expression “Spirit of Jezebel” for the first time and it was being applied to me! 

I handed my brochure to an older man in a group of family members and he looked at it and threw it down.  Then he told me that I had the Spirit of Jezebel and wanted to be in control.

I burst out with “You tell me I want to be in control!  If you don’t want me to be in control, then that means that you want to be the one that is in control.”

Why isn’t it a sin for men to want to be in control?

It appears that only women can have the Spirit of Jezebel.

In theory men can have it, too, but they mention witchcraft along with this spirit, and we know that only women are witches.

What evil is being perpetuated on women in our churches!  This man is a Christian and goes to his church every Sunday.

Google the Spirit of Jezebel if you want to get sick to your stomach.


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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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12 Responses to Control – theirs to keep

  1. Paula says:

    This has been going on for a very long time. I was even thinking I should name my translation The Jezebel Version just to get that out in the open. But you’re right, it’s the men who have this spirit, made-up though it is. They crave lordship and will fight to the death to keep it. They totally miss the irony of fighting to keep what they call a place of service. And they conveniently ignore the fact that Adam was a rebel, a coward, and a blame-shifter (“that woman you gave me”), and that God never put such a person in charge of another, esp. since the other was the victim,, not the perp. And many women have been conditioned and coerced to the point that they too believe this hogwash, and fight to keep other women from being freed from it.


  2. reader says:

    Leave the SBC. Leave the dead to bury their own dead. “Spirit of Jezebel?” This Plano, TX, so-called “prophet” has made a career out of using the term “Jezebel spirit” to control and abuse and manipulate the women in his life and in his church:

    After you slap that idiot who said that, run, don’t walk, to another church/denomination. As Fast As You Can.


    • Where have I been? How awful! Thank you for alerting me to this.

      Yes, we need to get the word out. Seneca Falls 2 Christian Conference on July 24, 2010, in Orlando Florida, we will meet to try to get our message out. We appreciate all the support we can get.


    • Just a note. He was Assembly of God. I don’t know where a safe-haven is.


      • Paula says:

        In yet another twist of irony, the internet is becoming the safest place for egals. We can form our own communities and fellowship with others all over the world, bypassing the control freaks who have had their hands on our necks for so long. They can no longer hide their shoddy scholarship, their tampering with the text, or their logical fallacies. It’s like the man-caused global warming scam for Christians.


  3. Yes,that Jezebel Spirit thing has been making its rounds for quite some years. Passive men are said to have an “Ahab Spirit.” And since all “Ahabs” are married to “Jezebels,” all wrongs are still blamed on the women. Passive men are supposedly passive because their wives control them. It is alledgedly the wife’s fault that a husband is uninvolved with his family and doesn’t hold the reigns like he is told that he should.


  4. After suffering through an excruciating Father’s Day sermon on male headship yesterday, Butch and I were discussing this personal desire for male control that is inherent in all who preach such sermons. My question was rhetorical and ridiculously simple: “Which is more noble, woman’s desire to be free or man’s desire to be in control?”


  5. Paula says:

    Good question, Jocelyn. And it highlights the straw man at the heart of male supremacism: that egals want control. This comes from another fallacy, a false dilemma: that if the man is not in control, the woman must be. They literally cannot imagine equality, or life without pecking orders. Thus, they also can’t abide being in last place– which Jesus told all of us to aspire to. This is why their whole view is antithetical to the very foundations of the Christian faith, and they will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. “The first shall be last…”


  6. Kristen says:

    This “Jezebel Spirit” thing that the man used on you is called, I believe, an “ad hominem attack.” In other words, by labeling you and your motives with a negative name, he gets out of any obligation to consider your arguments on their own merits.

    In any event, he didn’t know you and had no right to judge your motives and character. His response was both illogical and contrary to the clear command of Christ. I would advocate simply and cooly telling such men so, in so many words. “Sir, your response is both illogical and contrary to the clear commands of Christ.” And then walk away. Because once their unfair actions have illicited an emotional response from you, these people then use that emotional response as further “evidence” that you are in the wrong. Kind of like the Spanish Inquisition. (grin)

    In any event, there is simply no evidence from Scripture that Jezebal’s sin was controlling Ahab. In fact, the one exchange we actually see between them shows her being a useful “helpmeet,” enabling Ahab to do exactly what Ahab wants (to take his neighbor’s vineyard). The Bible makes it plain that Ahab is held accountable for marrying a woman who worships idols. Jezebel’s sin is using her position as queen to kill the prophets of God and to promote idolatry in Israel– nothing about controlling her husband is ever said.

    This man was Assemblies of God? That doesn’t surprise me. They are into “discerning spirits” and seeing demons around every corner. I used to be one. Their label “Jezebel Spirit” is without Biblical foundation.


  7. territippins says:

    I am very familiar with the old label of Jezebel. I joined a women’s holiness fellowship website (owned by a neighbor that knew my family) but was promptly (after about 3 weeks) banned from the group because I brought a ‘bad spirit’ (which meant i questioned some of the teachings about women on thier site). She informed all the other membersthat ‘it was plain to see that the spirit of Jezebel was alive in well’………directed at me. She then proceeded to erase all my posts and every conversation that I had with other members. I emailed, with my number and asked her to call me to work this problem out, but she never answered my mail nor called. Women are just as guilty of labeling egalitarians “jezebels’ as men. As a matter of fact it is more appropriate for a woman to ‘point you out’ tell you that you are sinning, go home and repent and be more submissive to your husband. Most men don’t even have to get thier hands dirty……..they have thier women do it for them. Sis. I have found that you will make more enemies (for lack of a better word) over this one issue that any other issues that christians debate over. First, they don’t want to hear what you say, second, if you give them any material or point them in the way of proper hermneutics you will promptly get the right foot of fellowship. The patriarchal power structure is weaved so tightly into the fabric of Christianity that if you try to unravel it some will feel that you are attacking christianity itself and they will not have it or hear it. The power structure of man over women must stay in place or chaos will ensue.There can be no discussion of shared power orthe assumption becomes that women want all the power. Shared power means a loss of power to the patriarchy.


    • There is a book called “Women’s Inhumanity towards Women” that is very telling. Women must learn how to treat each other.


      • territippins says:

        It is funny that you mention this particular book. I bought this one about 2 weeks ago when I was out shopping with a friend. It is an older book but it looked very worth the read.

        Phyllis Chesler ~ Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman~ Copyright 2001


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