Agreeing with the Apostle Paul

I admire the Apostle Paul.  He was one of the most encouraging writers of the New Testament.  I find encouragement in the difficult scriptures because I think they have been misinterpreted, and the real message is very good.  You’ll have to read my previous series to find out what the real meaning is, as I simply don’t have the energy to go into all that again.

I agree with Paul when he tells women how to dress.  No, Paul didn’t tell us to dress in Prairie dresses, or not to wear pants, and not to wear makeup.  He did tell us to dress modestly.

1 Timothy 2:9 “I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety ….”

Women who are on the Praise Team and stand up on the stage with everyone looking at them should read this carefully. 

When  you look in the mirror and turn around and suck in your stomach, and ask, “Is this too tight?” 

Before the words even come out of your mouth, you should be taking them off and putting on something different.

1 Peter 3:3 “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.”

If you put on a blouse and see cleavage, take it off. Today’s fashions did not have Christian women in mind. 

A pastor told me recently that a few years ago that they had a woman youth director who did not know how to dress appropriately.  When she sat down, her dress came to her thighs.  They had to let her go. 

Women have a responsibility to dress modestly, with decency and propriety. Take these words with you when you stand up in front of a congregation singing a solo, or teaching, and remember them when you serve in any capacity at your church.

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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Agreeing with the Apostle Paul

  1. chaidrinkingfool says:

    I hope they spoke with the female youth director about her clothing first. She may not have had any idea how to dress appropriately. At the very least, she could have taken the advice with her as she applied for other work.

    That may sound crazy to you, the idea that she may not have known how to dress appropriately, but I have been amazed at the stories I have heard about people who have no idea (for example) how to eat in a way that is at all healthy, and to some degree it is because they did not learn those habits as they were growing up. Things that I think are obvious, are apparently not.

    No cleavage for some women might be difficult. We’re all built differently, and I have a hard time buying into one-size-fits-all rules as well as fitting into one-size-fits-all clothes ;-). Context is so important. Even before I became a Christian, for example, I wore patterned (lace, usually) stockings only with LONG skirts, as I found them to be a little “too much” with short ones. If I wore a shorter skirt, I wore plain hose. If I wear opaque tights, I can wear a skirt a little shorter, IMO, than I would with plain stockings.


  2. territippins says:

    The sad part is that women’s dress has been used as a marker to take the ‘spiritual temperature’ of a church. I have attended holiness churches all my life and know this to be factual. The fact that the Bible speaks in generalities (about this issue) and does not give specifics, has left the opening for men to then provide the specifics……….so, women might understand the word ‘more perfectly’ when it concerns thier behavior and appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in modest dress (I wear only dresses and skirts) and though passages are directed at women I do not believe that this lets men off the hook! It is a fact that women are sexualized by men and therefore are the (perceived) ‘reason’ for men’s lust……..muslim men believe it and so do chrisitan men. If this were not the case the strict code of dress would be applied equally for men and enforced. A man just like a women can be seductive and sexy, it is just that they are not considered by society and religion to be so,,,,,,,,that dishonourable objectification is espcially given to women alone.

    It is up to you to ask God what manner of dress would please him, as we are to please God and not man. I did not stop wearing pants because some preacher/teacher/ told me I had to, I just simply asked God if it would please him and He said yes. It was all about loving and pleasing God, it was not about some man made standard (that was always different from church to church.)

    It is like in Ephsians 5 when God talks about marriage. Do we think because the wife is asked specifically to submit that she doesn’t also have to love? Or that because the husband is asked specifically to love that he does not have to be submissive? Would God command women to dress modestly and then let men have a loose dress code?

    Both men and women should be mindful of these things and dress appropriately as not to cause another brother or sister to stumble.


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