Dethroning Male Headship – Book to be released soon

Dethroning Male Headship – Because it doesn’t have a leg to stand on will be in available in print by December 2012.    Taken from this series, it has been updated.

Where did we go wrong?

Dethroning Male Headship takes you through the Bible starting with Genesis, and into the New Testament and shows how the Bible never indicated that men are to have headship or authority over women.  God created men and women equal. Man created women inferior.



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Shirley Taylor writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.
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4 Responses to Dethroning Male Headship – Book to be released soon

  1. territippins says:

    I have been reading your series on dethroning male headship with much appreciation. I know now (looking back) that young girls mistake control for love. Oh, he loves me that’s why he wants to know where I am. He just loves me so much that he wants me to spend all my time with him. Being young and having little life experience combined together for sometimes a dangerous situation (as with the young woman above).

    Because submission for women is equated with obedience, religious men esp. expect and even demand subservience. It must be nice for men, as in the fundamentalist pecking order women will always be below you and you (as a man) won’t really be last after all! The complementarian movement has effectively turned husband’s ‘serving’ into husbands’s ‘leading’ which distorts what Paul was really trying to teach about the marriage relationship.

    Like you I have had a happy marriage where my husband and I are partners and I have never felt compeled to ‘obey’ him lest I lose my salvation. I told my husband even God doesn’t go against one’s conscience, what makes a husband think he can do what God WILL NOT do?

    I encourage you to keep posting about this subject as it is so vital esp. for those that are trapped in dominating marriage.

    God Bless


    • Thank you for your reply. Our leadership has lost their minds, and their hearts when it comes to this Male Headship thing. How do they think they are showing the love of Christ when they tell a woman that her husband is closer to God than she is. One day, I heard a 17 year old boy spouting off about how women are not created to be leaders, and therefore they couldn’t handle the stress of the military. He had just graduated from a Christian school and learned this about women. That same day a 45 year old man came into my office and started telling me how his wife submitted to him. This man really believed that he had the right to have his wife under submission, and he was proud of it, confident it was biblical.

      My new website is just about finished. We all know what the problem is, but we don’t know what to do about it. I hope to address that on this new website by listing books, websites, blogs, and materials where people can educate themselves about the situation, and then do something. It is a call to action.

      Please pass this on. Every small voice adds to the other, and soon the voice becomes loud.


  2. anhunt says:

    Wow…read through everything…a little overwhelmed.

    I stopped caring so long ago…and just went about the business of building a good and basically happy life with a good man who believes in me…sans church.

    You’d be surprised how many of us there are…faithful absent the “direct spiritual authority.”

    We just got tired of nonsense…and from all corners of the faith…women are just using the simple lessons of Sunday School to shape good lives…we’re not going to church anymore. Oh, we’ll claim a denomination when asked…contribute to local church-run events for good causes…but no interest in actual participation outside the sporadic extended family traditions.

    Those of us who have left the incessant “male headship” thumpings just figure we’ll have to take it up with God when the time comes.

    How did you stay so strong? How did you not lose your temper? Your respect? Your patience? How did you not get ostracized? Publicly criticized?

    I’m just stunned by your courage…


    • My father was a licensed Baptist minister. Preached revivals, etc, Sunday school and all that in our little church. I am told I am like him. I’ve been a Baptist my whole life. I’ve seen the good.

      For 14 1/2 years I worked for Baptist General Convention of Texas. My supervisors were former pastors. I loved the people at BGCT and found a heart that loved Christ, and loved his people. Knowing these wonderful people is what keeps me going. I know there are men and women who truly love the Lord and are doing their best for the Kingdom’s work.

      It is also comments from people like you that keep me going. I see the need is so critical. And I appreciate you writing to encourage me. Together we can be much stronger.

      I had long talk with the Lord, too, and asked him why. Why does he allow women to be treated this way? You know what came to my mind? The Jews. They have been persecuted forever. God has not intervened to stop that hatred. It is up to people to make the difference. God gives us that chance to make a better life for others.

      God bless.


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